Friday, November 5, 2010

We support you, new and aspiring vegans!

As is shown in many of the entries in our current Great Vegan Etsy Giveaway, for many people becoming vegan is a process - a slow awakening, a gradual realization that not only is veganism what feels right, but that it's also fun and easy and chock full of amazing food! Check out this great entry from Kate, an aspiring vegan who we'd love to hear more from:
i'm working towards veganism because i believe it takes your body less energy to properly digest plant based foods. and, i love furry animals! and scale-y ones! and feathery ones! etc.etc.etc.
It definitely sounds like you're on the right track, Kate! If there are any points you need help on to complete your transition - how to substitute eggs in baking recipes, clearing up that silliness about "getting enough protein", and so on, feel free to drop a line. And remember, veganism is a great choice for your health, the animals, the planet, and basically everything you can think of! :D

It's OK that nobody (or next to nobody) knows how to be a perfect vegan overnight, and we work to make this blog a resource for anyone who wants to be vegan and is in the process of learning how. We've posted lots of recipes over the years that range from simple to complex, for example. And everyone should feel free to post questions about any issue at all in the comments to our blog posts. ("But how do I tell my parents I'm going vegan?" "What will my friends think?" "Can I eat miso soup?" "Can you boil coconut milk?" Ask away! We've got you covered.)

Of course there are plenty of other great resources on the internet as well! The Post Punk Kitchen is pretty much an endless goldmine of vegan wisdom. What's A Vegan?!, run by VET member JF Illustrations, is a another great place to submit questions on all things vegan (and see all the answers to the questions posed by others!). The list of great vegan resources is actually kinda endless. You'll see some of our faves listed in the sidebar.

Veganism isn't the least bit hard once you've got ahold of the basics, and we'd love to help you get there. So don't be shy, the water's fine! :)

And also, Happy VeganMoFo Day 5!

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