Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Peaceful Prairie will receive 100% of sales

Peaceful prairie has been voted for on our blog to receive 100% of profits from the vegan craft sample bags coming out in August!! We decided to donate 100% of profits instead of the original 10%.

We have also chosen our new name and the person who came up with that name will receive a free vegan craft sample bag!

The winner is one of our very own Vegan Etsy Team Members....
Midnight Rabbits
The new name is "It's all in the bag" and the new blog name is "It's all in the blog"
thanks to everyone who entered!

Here are some upcoming events, if you are interested in signing up please get in touch!

Vegan Craft Sample Bags-August bags- 100% of profits to Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary
we are still looking for vegan crafts for our new bag, your entire shop doesnt have to be vegan but your samples do! Many people send in small samples of their craft, along with a coupon to entice buyers to their shop! You can check us out and sign up on our website Vegan Craft Samples

Syracuse Veg Fest 2009- is coming up in September
I will be tabling at this event, selling the craft sample bags, and also I am putting together little vegan etsy team promotion bags, free to everyone who comes to our table.
Please if you want to be in these little bags, I am looking for business cards, small small samples, and Vegan Etsy Team promotional items.

You can get in touch if you have questions about either of these things by emailing me at


Vegan Mama said...

Oh how I LOVE Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary!!

Vegan Dog's Life said...

I'm so happy that PPS was chosen! Congrats to Kim!