Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Review- Pitseel

The following review was written by Dirty Loves Clean.

I will do a small wrap up post about Renegade along with some photos in the near future, but for now I wanted to take a minute to tell you about a unique etsy shop, Pitseel.

She makes gourmet fake meats. I am on the end of the spectrum of non-meat eaters that grew up eating meat and (generally) liking the taste of it. To me, a meal was at least 3 parts; the meat, the side (potatoes, pasta), and the vegetable. Although I know that does not always hold true, to me a meal is more complete with a protein aspect dominating it and these fake meats are great for just that.

I recently finished eating all of my previous order (finished it off with a sample of pinenut pesto "chicken" that she sent that was amazing) and I went to make another order on her etsy site. I noticed that everything is on sale and she had a shop note stating she may not be making anymore in the future. This prompted me to message her and ask for a custom 8 pound order (will store in the freezer for 4 months). While in contact with her, she told me, "I am opening an animal rescue within the year. I am going to be going to local pounds (we have 14 acres where we are going, so I just need a kennel license as well as some kind of shelter. I am at my maximum of 3 rescues already, and need a license after that) and bringing home the pets that are to be euthanized soon..".
I think this is an awesome thing to do and I just wanted to help her out and tell everyone, buy her food(or other products), they're great! AND youre helping out a shelter start up.

Or you can also donate here:

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