Monday, June 29, 2009

Tabling = Awesome.

A short (or maybe not so short) list of superdeluxe things that happened on Saturday, June 27th as I tabled at the NYC Zine Fest:

1. Met an eight year old girl who's been vegetarian since she was three (and whose parents aren't), who was very excited that I am vegan.

2. Gave a out a pretty significant number of the Vegan Etsy flyers I made up, yay!

3. Upon giving the flyer to one particular charming young woman, had a conversation in which she explained that she'd given up trying to find vegan items on Etsy because so many items are mislabeled, but now that she can just search for our team tag it's a whole new world.

4. Had a visit from Lisa of Panda with Cookie... who BROUGHT ME A VEGAN CUPCAKE! Which I stupidly did not take a picture of, d'oh. It was chocolate with vanilla icing, and had little chocolate chips in it! Not only superdeluxe - superdelish. Made me feel totally special to get a visit from a fellow team member, and the cupcake was the perfect treat after a long hard day of tabling!

5. Speaking of cupcakes, had a discussion with two separate groups of people about how vegan cupcakes are a fantastic way to bridge the gap between vegans and omnis. Everybody understands (and loves!) cupcakes!

6. Sold out of my zine "Being Vegan is Awesome!" - that may be my most popular zine ever!

7. Even after I'd sold out of it, people kept coming by asking for it! I somehow became known as the vegan table at the event. One guy came by looking for gifts for his 5-years-vegan friend - you know I hooked him up.

8. Had a visit from my friend Olivia of SuperVegan - If you're vegan and in the NYC area, this website is a godsend, and even if you're not in our neck of the woods there are lots of interesting articles and such. Hooray for SuperVegan!

9. Released issue two of Vegetable Vegetable Mineral, my zine about food issues and the food industry from a vegan's perspective, and sold several copies of both issues. Getting the knowledge to the people, yes!

10. Saw numerous festgoers take the Farm Sanctuary and Compassion over Killing materials I made available, and one woman even thanked me for giving out information about eggs from battery-caged hens.

All in all, I'd call the day a rocking success. Exhausting, but so worthwhile. A good day for tabling, a good day for zines, and a good day for veganism!

Alright poppets. Until next Monday,

Melissa Bastian

Post Script: Don't forget to stop by next Monday for "Two vegans, two years, one wedding: part two"!


Anonymous said...

that sounds awesome! Im glad you did so well and had a great time :)

melissa bastian. said...

It was a successful event on many levels. Up to and including team promotion! :D

panda with cookie said...

Huzzah for zine fest!