Sunday, June 28, 2009

Interview-Midnight Rabbits

Todays interview is with Vanessa of Midnight Rabbits and Veganessa

What kinds of items do you sell in your shop and what inspired you to start creating them?

I have 2 etsy shops, one being veganessa where I sell bags and accessories, all of which are vegan, and are decorrated with words or images that promote veganism and respect etc.The other being midnightrabbits where i sell bags and accessories, that are 100% donated to the etsyforAnimals charity of the month.

Do you donate to any charities or do any volunteer work?

Apart from midnightrabbits where 100% of the sale price of the item is donated to an animal charity, I donate to Dr hadwen trust, Redwings horse sanctuary, FAUNA (Friends of animals under abuse), to name a few.

What are some of your favorite things about etsy?

The community that it is. I have made some wonderful Etsy friends, and really value the vegan etsy team. It's nice to connect with other vegans.

What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have?

Recently I've been going to the cinema quite often. I enjoy seeing films on the 'big screen' the last film I saw was 'Drag me To hell'. It was very entertaining. I'm waiting for the new Transformers film to be released. I like gardening, or at least wandering around garden centres, and dreaming of my 'perfect' garden that I'll have one day.

Do you have any websites besides your shop that you would like to tell us about?

I subscribe to a website package, that was intended for my inline shop, but i have yet to acquire the skills to set it up properly. But i have enrolled in a web design course, starting in September, so in time I aim to have my own website.I have a blog, which is a mix of things, vegan stuff, my animal companions, things I like and so forth. I like my blog, and enjoy writing on it when i get time.

How long have you been vegan and what made you go vegan?

I became vegan because of my concern and love for all beings. Animal cruelty is so against my nature. I went Vegan about 25 years ago, and am very healthy, although I eat 'junk foods' as well as 'good foods', I believe vegans are naturally healthier. Also if anyone has any doubts about the ability to live healthily on a vegan diet, I am a good example. And when someone remarks on how 'young' i look for my age, I tell them it's because i'm vegan ;).......well it might be.............

Do you have any favorite vegan things, like books, websites, stores, etc.?

My favourite cookbook is 'vegan cupcakes take over the world' I only discovered it recently, and the cupcakes are delicious. I'm a cake addict. I could have cake and coffee every day and never get tired of it.My favourite TV programme is 'Shameless', which is a british comedy-drama. It's so true to life in Britain, it's sad, but funny, but sad.

Do you have any animal companions?

5 cats and 3 dogs, which all make for a very noisy, smelly house :) I love them to bits. they're each very special and have their own personalities. I couldn't imagine a life without animal friendship.


veganessa said...

Thanks for posting this.

melissa bastian. said...

25 years a vegan... can we get a round of applause?!?! And a supercool crafter to boot. Vanessa, please let me know if you ever jump the puddle and come visit NYC!

silentlotuscreations said...

So wonderful to get to know you better, Kim! :)