Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rhode Island Last Minute Vacation, SO EXCITED!

2 days ago we were randomly asked by Jessi's aunt and cousin to go to Rhode Island with them, now this is extra exciting because Jessis entire family (aunts, uncles, cousins, you name it) have gone every year all together up until Jessi's accident. Jessi hasnt been able to go since her accident, and that is all she has wanted, but the accident has made spending any extra money impossible! So now is our chance, she has been telling me all about Rhode Island since the day we started hanging out. So excited to get me down there and show me the little secrets and neat tricks she has found over the years, and now the time is finally here. I am breaking into my piggy bank and crossing my fingers that I can afford to take her! All sales in my etsy shop will go toward our Rhode Island Trip in July!! So, because I am so excited, as I have never been to the ocean in Rhode Island, I am feverishly looking for cute ocean and Rhode Island themed items on etsy!

You cant have the ocean without mermaids, and I just so happen to personally love mermaids. When I was a kid I used to swim around in the pool for hours and hours pretending I was a mermaid! Monkey and Squirrel has quite a few mermaid items in their etsy shop to choose from, I chose this one because it would be perfect to hold up your swimsuit to dry after a nice dip in the water!

A lazy day at the beach with a lemonade and a book, sounds like a dream come true to me! Dont forget to bring this adorable bookmark, from Starrlight Jewelry with you so you dont lose your page when you are lulled to sleep by the sounds of the ocean.

Just hope that when you wake up after your nice little nap, that Hello Kiddo's pirate ship wont be there to steal your booty!!

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